Music moment Component: David Guetta

David Guetta is DJ gone wild, chart-topping dirty electro-beat. Already a multi-platinum selling artist in Europe, with three chart-topping albums, Guetta, according to his web site,, plans to debut his new album in August.

David Guetta courtesy of

Personally, I agree with the popular vote on this one.

Guetta’s underground urban club beats ensnare the human body’s love of motion. Deny all you want the everlasting ‘quality’ of his music, critics. However, stand in a club, drive your ride and/or blast the beats in the living room and your hips will end up girating all on their own.

Needless to say. I am a fan.

In fact, I’m writing this as my own hips and shoulders sway to the music.


Music moment Component: Noisettes

Enjoy the funky grooves, or jazzy blues, of the crooning tunes gifted to listeners by the Noisettes. Sleek lyrics of hip swinging style entice me to make this a first in a line of musical recognition.