The Media Revolution: Citizen Journalism

Blogging? A platform for citizen journalism. Photo courtesy of

Citizen journalism. Uttering the buzzword in the middle of a newsroom is kin to sparking a fire in the middle of an old forest. Journalists typically have an opinion on everything – because they typically have to know a little bit about everything. However, just like any industry, those most effected by a trend are going to express those opinions the loudest.

Industry opinion is split on citizen journalism. Some, like (CBS)  Frédéric Filloux, a Paris-based freelance writer and media consultant, despise the notion, according to

“First, would you trust a citizen neurosurgeon to remove your kid’s neuroblastoma? No, you wouldn’t. You would not trust a citizen dentist for your cavities either. Or even a “people’s” car repairman. So when it comes to information, why in hell would we accept practices that we wouldn’t even contemplate for our health, let alone our washing machine?”

Others, believe it is the revitalization of the media industry. Ron Ross, former publisher and co-author of The Handbook for Citizen Journalists believes in the power of citizen journalism –

“It’s my opinion that courageous citizen journalists have an opportunity to fill the void left where the media outlets have left off.”

However, before you can form an opinion you must know what citizen journalism is.

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