Palmer police Benefit from tournament

Rock Jean-Guillaume

Published Wednesday, July 28, 2010


PALMER – The Palmer Police Association’s fifth annual golf tournament teed off on June 25.

Golfers from across Massachusetts came out to support the Palmer Police Department and cheered each other on at the Mill Valley Golf Links in Belchertown.

“We are incredibly grateful, especially in this poor economy, that people are still supportive of the police association,” said Chief Robert P. Frydryk. “The record number of participants and local business support is amazing.”

Approximately $5,000 was raised, he said, enough to cover all scholarships the Palmer Police Association plan to give for the year to students from Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical and Palmer high schools.

Contributions to the Palmer Little League and the Police Department itself will be made using portions of the $5,000, Frydryk said.

The police association recently purchased handcuff sanitizer for the department. Equipment like this, funded by money that the town does not have in the budget, is appreciated, the chief said.

The community’s help and support in raising money for the police association is appreciated, said acting Sgt. Erin F. Sullivan.

“We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support,” Sullivan said. “By golfing here today, people are helping us raise money for community programs, such as the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program, local athletics and scholarships.”

Karen A. Lunsford, Bill H. Passy and Matt P. Stenuis

For the first year ever, 126 golfers – a complete 31 foursomes – registered to play, Frydryk said.

Golfers brought their swing and a good attitude to the tournament.

“I came out to support the Police Department and hang out with my friend Wendy,” Rock Jean-Guillaume said with a laugh. “The only reason to be on a golf course is to have fun, and that is what I plan to do here today.”

Frydryk himself was a member of a foursome which turned in an 8 under par score of 64.

“I could never make a living out of (golf), but I enjoy the game,” Frydryk said. “I come out two or three times a week before work, very early. I take the time to clear my head and get a little exercise in.”

The winners of the tournament were a foursome from Kszepka Insurance with 15 under par 57. Paul Kszepka played with his two sons Kyle, 19, and Nicholas, 21. To round out their foursome Mike Boutot joined, said Paul Kszepka.

In addition to the record number of registered golfers, 48 sponsors, most local businesses, sponsored a tee or hole for the tournament.

All fund-raising was done by members of the police association, the department and other helpful community members. “We aren’t a big fan of private fund-raising organizations,” Frydryk said.

Only 28 to 30 percent of the money raised gets returned to the town when private fund-raisers are involved, he said. By raising the money themselves all funds can be returned right back to the community.

“We just want everyone to have a good time, and hope that they continue to support our cause well into the future,” Frydryk said.

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