Yes, I may try to live tweet about the l

Yes, I may try to live tweet about the lessons I learn as a daily 6-hour commuter to the writing job I love. #commute #employed


Pounding the Pavement

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Still searching for employment?

Ya, me too.

As a recent grad, clutching her freshly minted diploma in hand, I had no dreams of stepping off the stage and dozens of job recruiters boisterously jumping over themselves to offer me THE job. Not with an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent in May 2011, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Couple unemployment rates with a staggering 1.65 million graduates in Spring 2011, according to USAToday, and you have too many people clamoring to claim too few jobs. Let’s not even mention the number of previous years college graduates still looking for work…

However, even with all of this, I wasn’t expecting to still be jobless almost two months after graduating. Definitely not in the life plan.

The situation leaves me hunting like a fiend for any opportunity in the field of communications. The dream? Digital journalist – online, social media and more geeky possibilities than I can comprehend. Willing to take – anything. I applied to be a desk clerk because they allowed me to do some copy editing on the side.


And, whenever I or you do seem to get a job in your sights that you feel perfectly qualified for…

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You are smacked with the reality that there are hundreds of people behind you apply for the exact same position.

There were 4 million people pounding the internet’s synthetic pavement searching for jobs daily in 2002 (you can be sure that number has doubled by 2011), according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Once that number has sunk in, you pick your jaw up and prepare for the fight of your independent life to get the interview and then the job.

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If you’re under the misconception that eh, you have time. I would advise you to think again. Class of 2011 is being referred to as the year of the most indebted ever, according to – everyone.

The historic figures of debt 2011 graduates on average accrued: $22,900$27,200.

The most laughable of all of this?

I only know one single 2011 college graduate with loans that low – and it wasn’t me.


***UPDATE*** Since posting this article I have found work as the Public Relations and Digital Marketing Strategist for 5 Star Agency Inc.

Digital Media Education Dedication

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I remember a time when the tools were just there to be used without purpose or strategy. That the conversation alone was sufficient. Now, strategic measures are necessary to promote messages and information along the inter-webs. Introducing new tools, new messages and new methods to communicate the news or to market your brand.

Two way conversation between consumer and producer – through tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and video – are beneficial and necessary in today’s current communication’s world. To build connections, consistent posting and interaction are key to build my professional brand.

In pursuit of a greater brand image, I’ve developed my Twitter account, bought my own domain name brand, jkumor, and increased posting frequency. I’ve learned how to link articles and create video shorts.

Digital media has become a new venture I am happy to facilitate as I travel through the world of communications. I’ve attained the skills and knowledge to pioneer the tools strategically for whatever company or news organizations I work for in the future.

“Socialnomics” by Erik Qualman evaluates the #Economics of #Social Media

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Erik Qualman, author of “Socialnomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business,” gets social media. However, even the 2009 updated copy of his book is out-of-date. The rapid transformation of the social media medium requires professional communicator’s to train a fine tuned ear. Without a constant look out for the next tool to spread a message, a communicator fails his message, news, product or company. The tools falling under the umbrella term “social media” are taking the power of “word of mouth and transforming it to world of mouth,” said Qualman.

If Qualman so chose, it wouldn’t be hard to expect a new revision of “Socialnomics” to appear on bookshelves, e-readers or online forums in the next year. The revision may include some of the new social media services or ones pumping up their services.

What’s NEW?

  • Foursquare – The social media tool allowing you to tell your friends where your are, when you are there. Some may call is creepy (me). However, there are perks to the service. Advertisers, marketers and businesses are sure to invite consumers to add locations for perks or deals – all for spreading their business
  • YouTube – Yes, it has been around for quite some time in social media years, but YouTube has transformed into a search engine of sorts. Behind Google, YouTube features 974 million registered users, and even more just use it to search their database for amusement.
  • Twitter – Has hit the big leagues. Twitter users in the past two years have tripled. Businesses and news providers are learning the benefits of the 140 character message.
  • Tablets – The iPad 2, Dell Streak 7 and Sony Dash are creating a market frenzy as consumers and tech-thusiasts willingly pay hundreds of dollars for the next “it” tech item.

Social Media sites Offer Relief to Disaster Struck Japan

Searching for family amongst the unyielding landscape of disaster. Photo Courtesy of

Ravaged by natural disaster Sunday, Japan’s people search for loved ones amongst the rubble – and their internet connection. While the landscape has been ripped apart by a record 8.9 magnitude quake, a following tsunami and the growing fear of nuclear disaster, people are still struggling to find answers concerning the whereabouts of their family and friends.

Social media is offering a strategic method to search for family, friends and familiar faces.

Google and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) released a person finder site March 11. Both sites allow people to look for or report information on the whereabouts on people in a geographical area. Google’s service includes, according to

Google Person Finder Services –

  • Reference maps
  • CitizenTube, for video
  • Crisis Response Page
  • Multiple language ability
  • Search and provide information on people

ICRC Services –

  • Person Finder
  • Multiple language ability
  • Search and provide information on people

Not only are social media websites assisting on locating people, but they are providing the ability to quickly post on their safety. Hours after the earthquake and tsunami hit, I received a broadcasted message through Facebook from Sayaka (first name only) to notify me on her and her families safety. It read –

Hi Jess,

Please tell your family I’m OK and so is my family. We can’t believe that Tsunami. it is beyond our understanding. It is very important to live one day at a time and cherish everything you are gifted.



Messages, like these, are a gift to those receiving them, they are the exceptional and the reason social media has integrated itself into our lives beyond a fad.