Aude Sapere, Latin for ‘dare to know.’ Dedicated to the evaluation of news, media and politics.

Hmmm from the title ‘About,’ generally, a person could assume any number of things to be discussed. Beginning on who I am.

I am a journalist and word maniac.

In May 2011 I will graduate from St. Bonaventure University’s Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communications with a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in political science. I write because nothing brings me more joy and frustration than the written word. It is the balm to my soul. While at the same time drives me to crack my head against a desk in frustration – often.

Fascinated by digital media, the world of communications is undergoing a rapid transformation and I’m clamoring to get on this speeding train. Tablets, blogs and Twitter are just a step in the digital evolution of communications. Utilizing these tools promotes a benficial free flow of information and two-way communication between the audience and those producing the message. Technology is a powerful tool, but without a firm ability to communicate the tools mean nothing.

So I present you my experience in both digital media and verbal and written communications.

The general outline of topics – everything and anything I can think up concerning social media, the media, digital media, politics and world news. Yes, I know. Vague. Understated. Possibly arrogant to assume anyone would wish to read my dribble. Yet, curiously I hope to produce a product viewers won’t be tempted to throw in the garbage.

I hope something I’ve said will capture your interest, and I look forward to hearing from all of you out there in the world-wide web. Never the less, if you have a comment. Say it. Discuss it. If you agree with me – say so and why. If you disagree with me, even better, – say so and why.


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