Small Businesses and Social Media – Yay or Nay?

Could your small business improve by using social media?

The majority of small businesses seem immune to the lure of social media. A potentially grisly mistake costing them $$$.

Hiscox, a small business insurance provider, polled 304 business leaders on their feelings and business uses of social media sites in June, according to

The poll resulted in 64 percent of small business leaders checking social media off as something unnecessary and something they had no opinion about, according to

No opinion? Well, your (potential) consumers certainly do have an opinion.

“I usually look up a company to keep up on their deals and to watch for products,” Nicole Latti, Worcester, MA, wrote in a Facebook comment. “I’ve honestly only run into (the problem of no corporate Facebook account) once and I was really surprised. I feel that most companies have a Facebook now and to see one without was rare and disappointing.”

Consumers are using Facebook to check up on the brands, products and companies they buy or may buy from. As discussed in Facebook: A Popular Destination for Retail Promotions, 56 percent of consumers admit to using retailer’s Facebook page to keep track of promotions and products, according to Compete’s Online Shopper Intelligence Study.

Keep in mind that any social media message should be unique and tailor-made to fit your goals and customers.

Unfortunately, poor social media usage occurs often, according to Carole McNall, Olean, NY.

“A lot of businesses are willing to do a cookie cutter (Facebook) presence,” McNall wrote in a Facebook chat message. “It may be time for some businesses to think about what they can do to stand out from the everyone else who’s on social media.”

However, if social media is done right, like so many other things, it can easily boost business.

Even small businesses with limited budgets, such as a new fairgrounds, can successfully promote itself on Facebook and connect to their audience. Without a Facebook account, the International Fairgrounds: Uxbridge, MA would not know how Donna Houle-Pincince, a local community member, felt about their new business venture.

Donna’s opinion? Thrilled. Just read below yourself.

The same small business leaders scoffing at the power of social media, listed word-of-mouth as the form of advertising they could not do with, according to

Consider this, small business leaders – social media is your digital word-of-mouth.


2 thoughts on “Small Businesses and Social Media – Yay or Nay?

  1. Having worked with many small and medium sized business owners, one of the main problems they face is not knowing the value of what they don’t know. Social media is a vital and highly efficient way for the SME busienss to raise its profile and build a customer base. Good luck with the blog

  2. I agree completely. Consulting a few small business on their marketing and communications strategy has taught me that implementing a digital plan requires teaching the tools, explaining the tools, best practices and why they are important. Which requires constant up-to-date research on the numbers!

    Social media is a cost effective venue to build not only a customer base, but lasting communication.

    Thank you for your comment.

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