‘Here Comes Everybody’ by Clay Shirky explains the Digitalization of Relationships

Society has integrated social media into the function of daily life, according to Clay Shirky’s “Here comes Everybody.”

An in depth look on the evolution of Social Media.

Anyone out there scoffing at the idea of social media used as a daily tool?

Check the facts.

Facebook (according to Facebook) has:

  • Over 500 million active users.
  • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.
  • There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages).
  • Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events.
  • More than 70 translations on site.
  • About 70% of Facebook users are outside of the United States.

Social media is beyond the clamor for the new ‘it’ item or website. It is the digitalization of relationships. Complex interactions, group interaction and the day-to-day moments in life

The availability of groups and the ease of community interaction in the digital media world let people connect on a level not achievable before today.

Reasons for the new connectivity according to Shirky?

  1. The lack of customized complex software.

Before social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Meet Up, groups looking to converse on their shared interests were required to customize and create their own website – a task sometimes extremely difficult or costly.

  1. Attitude.

Social media spread through the millennials like a virus. Never before has a generation latched onto the idea of mass connectivity beyond the traditional boarders of a physical community. Now, whether you are in Greenwich Village in NYC or Aberdeen, Idaho, you know what friends are doing.

Remember, while the social media virus began in the youth, it is catching on in every age group.

Social media offers a promise of sustainable relationships. The ease of sending off a quick message, photo or video clip to friends you haven’t seen in years is alluring in a face paced world. Humanity is connectivity.

Whether through social media, or a hand shake.


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